Friday, January 14, 2011

Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)

Dear all

Greetings to all of you. 

As some of you are busy settling in your new year routine, millions of Chinese in the world are now preparing for the coming Spring Festival a.k.a. Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year is celebrated on the new moon of the first month according to the lunar calendar. This year we are celebrating the year of Rabbit on 3rd February 2011.

I would like to wish all of my Chinese friends a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year. "Xin Nian Kwai Le"

Warm regards,


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  1. wow !
    They look so cute!
    The cupcakes with calligraphy must sell well!
    They look so much better than mooncakes and for sure taste better. You will make lots of money if you can manage to replace the mooncake!
    Good Luck!
    Happy New Year!